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R.C. Temme Corporation (RCTC), Real Estate Broker – CA Dept of Real Estate #00531243 NMLS #295637, was founded in 1976, on the concept that income oriented investors can earn a superior rate of interest through Trust Deed (TD) investments by retailing their money, through RCTC, directly to the actual borrower. In today’s tight borrowing environment, you need RC Temme Corporation more than ever! A huge portion of our country’s current lending market cannot be served by the banks and large institutions, therefore providing great opportunity to you.
TD investments are also serviced by RC Temme Corporation. We collect and disburse your TD payments to you and handle most problems as they arise. A TD loan that may not have been acquired through RC Temme Corporation can also be serviced by RC Temme Corporation on your behalf.

RC Temme Corporation has been servicing loans since our founding in 1976.  Many of our loans are impounded for taxes and insurance.  We believe our extensive experience and in house legal counsel provides you a great advantage in this world where underwriting a loan or even collecting payments for a TD loan is subject to vast levels of regulation.

Every year since 1981 RC Temme Corporation’s loan servicing trust accounts have, for your safety, been reviewed quarterly by an independent CPA.  Those reports are filed with the State of California.  The year-end report is mailed to you, our investor. (more…)