R. C. Temme Corporation, Real Estate Broker – CA Dept. of Real Estate #00531243 NMLS #295637, provides Trust Deed Investors with expert assistance in all facets of Loan Servicing.

As you will see, there is a lot more involved in owning a Trust Deed than just collecting payments and hoping that some day you don’t have a delinquency to face!

You just sold a house and the Real Estate agent convinced you that the best way to complete the sale was to carry back a portion of the sales price in the form of a 2nd Trust Deed to help the new buyer out. Or . . . you’re a savvy old Trust Deed investor who has been buying them for years from your favorite Broker and is just plain tired of doing collections yourself. Or maybe your borrower has stopped making payments or let the fire insurance or property taxes go on the property. What do you do?

Most Trust Deed investors aren’t aware of the multitude of Federal and California laws with which one must contend in the course of servicing a loan; nor should they be. R. C. Temme Corporation’s Loan Servicing Department has spent over 37 years learning and relearning these laws so that we may assist you with any and all problems which may arise as a result of owning a Trust Deed as an investment.

Our Trust Accounts are reviewed by an independent CPA firm on a quarterly basis and reports are filed with the Department of Real Estate.  RC Temme Corp sends the annual trust account review report to you, it’s investor, automatically; however, the reports are available to you as our investor, each quarter for the asking.

At R. C. Temme Corporation, our priority is servicing your trust deeds and keeping your investments safe. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Collect and distribute all payments due for single or multiple investors Notes
  • Send out a series of late notices per California Law in the event of a delinquency
  • Provide a tax delinquency service at your request to notify you in the event of a property tax delinquency
  • Coordinate with various Title and Escrow companies to handle the pay-off of the loan and prepare the Demand statement
  • At your request initiate foreclosure proceedings and handle the foreclosure from start to finish
  • In some cases handle Bankruptcies proceedings (fees charged according to the difficulty perceived during this process)
  • Negotiate work out agreements with borrowers for Note extensions, or other arrangements in the course of servicing
  • California’s recent Senate Bill 1137 requires certain procedures from the loan servicer prior to requesting that a foreclosure be filed. R.C. Temme Corporation, of course, is in full compliance with this new regulation.

As you can see there is much to consider when you take on the servicing of a Trust Deed. The laws and compliance can be very complicated and violating them can have very serious ramifications.

Let an expert do the work for you. Call R. C. Temme Corporation the next time you need assistance in any, or all, of the loan servicing functions mentioned above. We can help you and we promise you that you will always get a live, friendly voice on the other end of the phone line when you call in!