To our customers:

During this time of uncertainty created by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the health and well-being of our customers and staff are of the utmost importance. We want to assure our customers that we intend to maintain the functioning of our operations to the extent possible given the obstacles that may arise as a result of the virus. At this time, our offices have been closed to the public, but the business is still operating and available to respond.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

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R.C. Temme Corporation (RCTC), Real Estate Broker – CA Dept of Real Estate #00531243 NMLS #295637, was founded in 1976, on the concept that income oriented investors can earn a superior rate of interest through Trust Deed (TD) investments by retailing their money, through RCTC, directly to the actual borrower. In today’s tight borrowing environment, you need RC Temme Corporation more than ever! A huge portion of our country’s current lending market cannot be served by the banks and large institutions, therefore providing great opportunity to you.
TD investments are also serviced by RC Temme Corporation. We collect and disburse your TD payments to you and handle most problems as they arise. A TD loan that may not have been acquired through RC Temme Corporation can also be serviced by RC Temme Corporation on your behalf.

RC Temme Corporation has been servicing loans since our founding in 1976.  Many of our loans are impounded for taxes and insurance.  We believe our extensive experience and in house legal counsel provides you a great advantage in this world where underwriting a loan or even collecting payments for a TD loan is subject to vast levels of regulation.

Every year since 1981 RC Temme Corporation’s loan servicing trust accounts have, for your safety, been reviewed quarterly by an independent CPA.  Those reports are filed with the State of California.  The year-end report is mailed to you, our investor.

R.C. Temme Corporation’s 18 employees are headed by an extraordinary management team:

Richard Temme-CEO, President

Richard C. Temme  CEO, President

Richard C. Temme, Real Estate Broker – CA Dept. of Real Estate #00259696 NMLS #298911, is past president of the California Mortgage Association (CMA), a current member of its Board of Directors and has been chairman, co-chairman or Senior member of the CMA’s Education Committee since its inception in 1998.

For approximately three years prior to November 2003, Richard served at the request of California Real Estate Commissioner, Paula Reddish–Zinneman, on an advisory committee to evaluate and make recommendations for continuing education requirements for California Real Estate Licenses.

Richard has been a California Department of Real Estate Broker, License #00259696, since he was a young man. Later, Richard worked for Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith and afterward had a seat on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. Having passed various NASD, New York Stock Exchange, Department of Agriculture and Pacific Coast Stock Exchange exams, Richard’s familiarity with bonds and other investment vehicles led him to recognize the concept of earning a “retail rate of interest” on one’s investment capital by investing in Trust Deeds. In 1976 Richard founded RC Temme Corporation, the first member of the RCTC Financial Group.

Richard holds a doctorate from Upper Iowa University and is periodically employed as an expert witness, testifying in lending related matters.


Michelle Rodriguez - In-house counsel, Chief compliance officer

Michelle Rodriguez  In-house counsel, Chief compliance officer

Michelle Rodriguez, Real Estate Broker – CA Dept. of Real Estate #01480587 NMLS #298958, is the in-house counsel and chief compliance officer of R.C. Temme Corporation in Woodland Hills, California. Mrs. Rodriguez is licensed as an attorney in California, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Mrs. Rodriguez earned a Juris Doctor degree from Hamline University School of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. Mrs. Rodriguez is a licensed California Department of Real Estate Broker License #01480587 and maintains an NMLS MLO endorsement #298958.

Mrs. Rodriguez is chairperson of the Dodd-Frank committee of the California Mortgage Association and has presented many courses at that organization’s educational seminars on such topics as the Truth-in-Lending Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. She has over 15 years experience in the real estate industry.

Breanna Dahlstrom

Breanna Dahlstrom  Director of Business Operations

Breanna Dahlstrom, Real Estate Broker – CA Dept. of Real Estate #01734400  NMLS #300162, serves as Director of Business Operations, as an advisor to Loan Servicing and other executive management responsibilities.  Breanna’s knack for creating complex spreadsheets continues to deliver a wealth of efficiency and compliance functions to multiple areas of the RCTC operation.  Breanna joined RCTC in October 2005 after earning an MBA from Humboldt State University in northern California where she majored in Mathematics and German with a minor in Business Administration.  Breanna holds a California Department of   Real Estate Brokers license #01734400 with an NMLS MLO endorsement #300162.