RC Temme Corporation has made and arranged primarily equity based loans since 1976.  October 1, 2011, RC Temme Corporation transferred it’s loan origination business to Woodland Hills Mortgage, it’s long time affiliate that had funded RC Temme Corporation loans for 20 years.  Borrowers wanting an easy qualifying, primarily, equity based loan are referred to Woodland Hills Mortgage Corporation.  See the link below.

When your bank says “NO” – – –
Woodland Hills Mortgage Corporation
says “YES!”


Your loan is primarily based on the loan-to-value ratio of your property as opposed to your personal credit or financial situation*. You can borrow on almost any type of California real estate, any place in California.

We are Private Mortgage Lenders. It’s Our Money! It’s Our Decision! And You Benefit!

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Call: Woodland Hills Mortgage Corporation at 818-999-6600
or visit their website at: Woodland Hills Mortgage Corporation

*Loans for consumer purposes and secured by an owner occupied home of one to four units will require some qualification. However, it’s far easier than from your bank. Some borrowers qualify with no income at all and poor credit.

Things you Should Know:

R.C. Temme Corporation is the loan service agent representing the investor that owns your loan. You may request that we establish an impound account to help you pay your property taxes and fire insurance on a monthly basis instead of waiting for an annual or semi-annual billing.You should have a current loan payment booklet with a monthly stub to identify which payment you are making and as a reminder of how much to pay. Please include your payment stub and write your loan number on your check.Please contact us: Tel: (818) 999-2274 or (800) 827-5626 Fax: (818) 703-0126 Email: